Who can do refractive myopia surgery

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In the previous talk, we mentioned who would like to do refractive surgery. However, not everyone can choose to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by refractive surgery. Refractive surgery has some indications. Before thinking about refractive surgery, patients need to know about themselves if they are suitable for surgery. The general need to consider the factors are:

1. Age: In general, all types of refractive surgery are mainly for adults, aged 18-55 years. However, specific to different surgical methods and different eye conditions, the age requirements are not the same. A phakic intraocular lens implantation, the best age is 21-45 years old, because many patients are highly myopic, 18-year-old also worried about not very stable, you can observe a few years. 45 years of age, taking into account the declining regulation of their own, and may have a problem of cataracts, but also consider clear-cell extirpation. But this is not absolute. In fact, there are many people who did good results after ICL implantation at age 18. I also have ICL implants for more than 50-year-old people with high myopia. I also look at the patient's own eye conditions, as well as the expectations and understanding of the surgery. A 55-year-old high myopia specifically from Qingdao to come to my surgery. I started somewhat hesitant. After a thorough eye examination and full communication, I did surgery for him. Surgery chose to retain 200 degrees of myopia. Now, he recovered very well after surgery and was very satisfied with himself. In some cases, patients younger than 18 years of age may even need refractive surgery. In another blog post, I can refer to: Who can do refractive surgery before the age of 18?

2. Diopter stability: In general, before receiving refractive surgery, it is best to refraction in the past two years the number of relatively stable. We generally consider changes within 100 degrees as stable. Of course, this requirement is not absolute. Because, in many cases, it is indeed difficult to determine whether the refractive power is stable. Light and moderate myopia judge more easily. Patients with high myopia, usually with glasses may not be fully corrected, so optometry results will be higher than the previous degree of glasses, it can not judge the degree is unstable.dial vision help you got good eyesight.

3. where to buy dial vision glasses ? Mental Health: Why here specifically put forward the issue of mental health? Because many patients who require refractive surgery, the character itself will have a little bit of the pursuit of perfection. Among them, some people may expect the value is too high, such people, often appear after surgery a variety of dissatisfaction. First of all, we should recognize that refractive surgery is just an optical correction instead of glasses, it is impossible to achieve beyond the normal vision. Moreover, postoperative visual quality may have some changes, such as driving lights at night to see a halo, glare and so on. These symptoms do not cause too many problems. However, people with poor psychological quality may be worried about some visual quality problems or problems such as dry eye. For patients with poor mental health, not completely unable to surgery, but need to have a good preoperative communication, to establish a reasonable surgical expectations.

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