The growth and replacement of the eyelashes after the eyelashes are cyclical

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From the principle of eyelash implant surgery, we know that the kind of eyelashes from our own head after the occipital extraction of hair follicles. Carefully will find that the posterior occipital hair is not only more than other parts, it will not fall off.

In fact, our posterior occipital hair follicle number is two to three times the head, and because the posterior occipital hair follicles from the impact of male hormones, with a permanent nature will not fall off. From this part of the extraction planted to the eyelid hair follicles still have this physiological properties, will never fall off, so after the kind of eyelashes can be permanently maintained.

The growth and replacement of the eyelashes after the eyelashes are cyclical, and the growth cycle of the normal eyelashes can be divided into three stages: the growth period, the return period and the rest period. During the growing season, the hair grows from the base of the hair follicle and grows continuously for 2-4 years until it grows completely; then is the retreat period, for 2-4 weeks, during which the hair stops active hyperplasia. Finally, the period of rest, about 3 months, after the hair began to fall off the hair.

Today's eyelash technology has been very developed, and generally can maintain a permanent effect, in order to ensure the effect and safety of eyelashes, we must go to the technical support of the professional hospital eyelashes, so as to have the ideal eyelashes, so that their own Dolls like long thick eyelashes.Wash your applicator with clean water, to use on the other eyelid.Avoid contamination of your applicator. careprost eye drops uk is an ophthalmic product.If it comes into the contact with your eye, it is not expected to cause harm.The eye should not be rinsed. bimatoprost canada is meant to use on your upper lashes only.Please, don’t intentionally apply in your eye or to the lower lashes.?There is the potential for hair growth to happen in areas where the solution comes in repeated contact with the skin surface.

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