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If you wait until things turn around before figuring this out, you are likely to find it hard to find and attract people who fit.

You may think I am a[just talking about the type of skills you will need among your employees. Well, to some degree that trueut...

kills can be taught

No, I am talking more about the type of people you will need based on their behavioral characteristics and their ability to learn and communicate effectively.

The profile you build should include things like...

? whether or not you will be a ean and mean organization.
? will you need people who are self-starters or people who require oversight?
? will your sales team primarily be out looking for new clients or managing existing ones?
? If you need to teach new information and new skills, how fast do you need to bring employees up to speed on them?

The key to this whole thing is the Profile.

In reality, the profile is really several profiles, because each position may need a different set of behavioral and learning characteristics.

One way to attack this is to determine which employees currently in a given position have what you think it will take when things turn around and use them as the model profile for that position. Use an objective assessment tool like eSessments Profile XT to construct such a profile. The output tells you just what type of person you need to have in each position.

The output also tells you just how to work with each employee so they reach their full potential. Employees who believe their employer cares about their growth will want to stay around for the long term...turnover can kill your plans for the turnaround.

Now look at each employee to determine how well they fit the profile. If you think they are a good fit, you need to focus on retaining them now. Make sure they know you want them around for the long term. If they feel nervous about whether or not they will be let go, they may proactively start looking for a safe harbor.

If they are not the best fit for their current position http://www.steelersapparelsshop.com/louis-lipps-steelers-jersey-c-26/ , consider other positions where they would be a good fit even if it means you need to give them additional training. That better than having to go out and find someone who is a good fit when you need them, because you might not find them or be able to hire them.

If you go through this process and follow it for everyone you lay off, you can show that your process was objective and fair to all of your employees. While I am not offering legal advice here, it is important that you are able to show objectivity in case a laid off employee decides to claim discrimination.

I hope this gives you some actionable food for thought.

I urge you to keep the employees who will not only best serve you best now, but who will be the right ones when the economy regains its footing.
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