Construction Efficiency of Tire Roller

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Tire roller with its special inflatable smooth tire to laminate material to compaction, its unique advantages of flexible compaction is rigid roller can not be replaced. It is suitable for compaction of viscous and non-viscous materials such as asphalt concrete, sand and gravel mixture, various stabilized soils and cement concrete (PCC) in construction and road engineering by adjusting the ground pressure ratio of the tire to obtain the best compaction effect. Materials), especially for highDouble Steel Roller - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery

Level road surface treatment, the user can combine the construction area of ​​the soil type to a reasonable choice.
According to the construction efficiency requirements
Static roller is to rely on its own quality, in the relative thickness of the laying on the line load, rolling frequency and compaction rate reflects the compaction capacity, compaction thickness of not more than 25cm, rolling speed of 2 ~ 4km / h, Need to roll 8 to 10 times to achieve the requirements; and vibratory roller vibration through the vibration of high-frequency vibration of the role of the soil, forcing the soil particle arrangement within the change, so that small particles penetrate into the pores of large particles, thus To achieve compaction effect.
Due to the large vibration force, the compaction thickness of the vibratory roller can reach 50-60cm, and the compaction thickness of some 20t or more heavy-duty vibratory roller can be more than 1m, and the rolling speed is 4 ~ 6km / h Pressure 4 to 6 times can achieve the standard requirements of compaction, construction efficiency is static roller roller 2 to 3 times. In order to effectively improve the progress of construction, a number of alpine longer, the construction of the short season should consider the selection of vibratory rollers; and in mountainous roads or mountain soil loose work site construction should use static roller roller, vibrator roller because of vibration Vibration easily lead to mountain landslides, landslides, construction accidents have actually affected the progress of the construction.
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