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Electric Wire are shenzhougroup.net used to connect a monitor to a computer. But did you know you don't have to buy the computer manufacturer's original cable? There can be many reasons for replacing your VGA cable, you may want a long VGA cable, you may have lost the original one, you may be using a VGA splitter that requires two cables or like many people today or you may want to display the image from your computer on your television screen using the 'PC IN' socket on your TV. Manufacturers such as Dell would charge in excess of fifteen pounds, around 24 dollars for a relatively short cable. You can save a small fortune by purchasing an independently branded VGA cable, a typical 1.8m cable can be bought online for just five pounds sterling or around eight dollars.

A VGA is also known as Dsub 15, and is typically 15 pin, they are arranged in three rows of 5 pins. Though some cable manufacturers only wire 14 pins as the 2nd pin on the middle row is not always used and money can be saved by not wiring that pin.

When purchasing a new VGA cable there are a few things to consider. The most important of which is shielding, monitor leads can suffer from interference due to other electrical equipment and cables that are close by. This interference usually manifests as ghosting on the screen image. You can reduce the effect of this interference if you select a cable that is shielded. You should also consider a cable that has ferrite cores on either end. Ferrites are barrel-shaped coils wrapped around the cable, they are useful at reducing the effects of EMI (Electrical Magnetic Interference). If you are using a longer cable, over 5 meters in length, the cable will be prone to interference, however if you opt for a Aluminium Enamelled Winding Wire offering both shielding and ferrite cores you should reduce any effects of EMI. You should always use a shielded cable if you are using VGA splitters as the signal is weakened when it's divided in two.

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